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Terrasses de Larzac

The Coteaux-du-Languedoc Terrasses-du-Larzac AOC is an identified pedoclimatic zone of the Coteaux-du-Languedoc AOC. It covers 32 towns north-west of Montpellier, backed by the reliefs of the Causse du Larzac which rises to more than 800 m with the Pic Saint Baudille. This appellation covers 2,000 hectares and produces around 9,000 hectoliters of wine per year.

The soils of Coteaux-du-Languedoc Terrasses-du-Larzac are varied and depend mainly on two major geological eras: schist and sandstone from the primary era, and detrital formations resulting from scree or transported by water, from the quaternary era. This terroir, characterized by significant differences in level, is protected by its large limestone cliffs which form natural barriers. The climate is Mediterranean but the temperatures remain relatively cool due to the distance from the sea. During the vegetative period the temperature differences between day and night are significant (the greatest thermal amplitudes in Languedoc-Roussillon) and can be amplified. by the fresh or cold air coming down from the Causse. This is what promotes slow and gradual maturation, beneficial for the color and aromas of the wines.

Vineyard of 17 ha, certified Organic Agriculture, located on the slopes of the Séranne, in the heart of the Terrasses du Larzac, at an altitude of approximately 200-300 meters. Selection of the best plots. Southeast exposure...
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