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Chablis wines are produced in the Yonne region, which forms a wine island 150 km northwest of Dijon. And even if the Chablis vineyard dominates, we must not forget the other vineyards of Yonne, namely Grand Auxerrois, Jovinien, Tonnerrois, Auxerrois and Vézelien. The Chablis vineyard covers 4,750 hectares over twenty villages and produces 100% white wines planted with Chardonnay, or 256,050 hectoliters on average per year.

The notoriety of Chablis is important all over the world and its reputation as a great white wine with a brioche nose is well established. Today, Chablis represents around 1/6 of the total production of Burgundy. The climate here is continental with hot summers and cold winters. Indeed, the very northern position of Chablis makes it one of the French vineyards most exposed to spring frost, along with Champagne. The soil in Chablis is stony and clay-limestone, rich in fossilized oysters. That of the Grand Auxerrois vineyards is formed by the clear limestone slopes which dominate the Yonne valley.

Domain: Domaine Fourrey
Domaine Fourrey, located in the heart of the Chablis vineyard, operates 25 hectares of vines. The operation has existed for at least 4 generations. All its wines are certified "Organic Agriculture"...
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